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We aren't your professors or critics. We are people just like you! TeamSpanish is a family comprised of native Spanish speakers, teachers, and those who have learned it as a second language. Our goal is to help people grow and connect by learning conversational Spanish in a simple and fast way through private online Spanish courses.

"At the age of 5, my parents moved our family to a third-world country where we lived in extreme conditions for about 13 years. They started a non-profit organization that was focused on planting and partnering with existing non-denominational churches to do humanitarian work. When we would come back to the United States to visit, my friends would ask me to teach them some of the Spanish phrases I had learned. I quickly realized that there was a way I could teach not just them, but anyone else who wanted to learn. That is how the idea was birthed to create a fun, effective, web-based Spanish app that thousands of people could use at the exact same time.

- David Castrillon (Founder of

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