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- meet the family behind the program -

The story behind the people

In 1997 my parents, Uriel and Rebecca Castrillon, moved to a very rural part of the Dominican Republic with my three sisters and me to do humanitarian work. We formed a non-profit organization (Progress Solutions, Inc.) and partnered with local churches in efforts to establish credibility with the locals. Some of the programs that still exist today include two nutritional feeding centers for malnourished children, two pre-school centers, and frequent medical missions trips that provide aid to those who can not afford medical care. We lived in the DR full-time for about 13 years and then moved back to the US. The work there is still ongoing, and we travel back and forth frequently.

As you can imagine, for a young kid, it was awesome growing up on a third-world island! There was never a dull moment, in fact, I have been told many times that I should write a book about all of my adventures…which I may do in the future. That being said, raising 4 small children in a foreign country was not always easy for my parents. Because technology was not what it is today, it was very difficult to raise support and maintain a steady flow of income from donors. I can remember times when we simply did not have any money to go to the store and buy food. As a child this impacted me greatly, and made me purpose in my heart that I would do everything I could to help people like my parents who are doing good all over the world. That is why 20% of all of the company's annual profits go directly to non-profit organizations all over the world.

- David Castrillon (Founder of TeamSpanish.com)