Our Online Spanish learning program is made up of 4 simple components

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Watch incredibly informative Spanish lessons while being entertained by the fun themes and settings of each unique video.


Within each Spanish learning lesson, you will find a series of approximately 5 to 8 lesson videos, as well as some multiple-choice challenges.


Learning Packages are comprised of multiple lessons and are creatively themed to follow the storyline of your Learning Journey.

Learning Journey

The Learning Journey is the storyline for the overall experience. It encompasses everything that you do when using TeamSpanish.

Here's a peek at some of the content from a Learning Journey

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Learning Journey  

  • Getting Started on Your Journey

    First off, you should know what a "Learning Journey" is. Below you will see a compilation of “Learning Packages” which are made up of multiple “Lessons.” Each “Lesson” is comprised of several learning videos as well as some multiple-choice challenges sprinkled in along the way. That is pretty much the structure of your entire learning experience with TeamSpanish. So, what is the the point of a “Learning Journey?” Well, we thought it would be more fun to organize all of the content in a storyline format, and then sort it by difficulty.

  • Learning The Basics

    Let's start at the beginning! In this package, you will learn some of the simple concepts and vocabulary that you were taught as a child . . . but in Spanish! These include the alphabet, numbers, colors, telling time and dates! Whether you have been trying to learn Spanish for a while, or you are just starting, we suggest that everyone go through the "Learning The Basics" package. Once you complete this package, you should know the entire Spanish alphabet, how to properly pronounce each letter, basic numbers and how to properly pronounce them, basic colors, how to tell time, as well as how to give specific dates using the days of the week, and months in Spanish!

  • People

    Here, you will learn how to start a conversation as well as ask and answer introductory questions like, "How are you, what is your name," and more! You will learn how to say and describe your family members. This package also explains the building blocks of the Spanish language- how verbs are conjugated. Pairing this with job titles or family and friends, you will begin to form and interpret your own sentences. You will be able to describe people and say what they do.

  • Animals

    Here is virtual field trip for you, courtesy of TeamSpanish! Travel to different parts of the world to learn about animals and what they do! You will visit the jungle, the zoo, a farm, and a friend's house. You will also have short conversations in Spanish with Mimi about animals and things they do!

  • Traveling

    Do you have your passport? It's time to do a little more traveling! This package discusses different methods of travel and will teach you useful words, phrases and questions to ask should you find yourself in any of these places. You will fly on a plane, travel by sea, board a train and take a little time to relax on a mini vacation! Don't forget your bags!

  • Food

    Come meet Becky, and have a cup of coffee as you discuss different types of food. Becky will teach you everything from fruits and vegetables, to baking. You will also learn how to say all kinds of food and ingredients, how to order in a restaurant or cafe, and how to use verbs like "to bake," and "to order." This is definitely the most flavorful package!

  • Home

    Have you heard the phrase, "Mi casa es su casa," (my house is your house)? Bienvenido a nuestra casa, welcome to our house! Here, you will learn how to say the rooms in a house, appliances and furniture. You will also be able to discuss daily routines such as getting dressed, brushing your teeth and drying your hair. Feel free to stay a while!

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The Alphabet

Everyone needs to know their ABCs! This lesson will familiarize you with each letter of the Spanish alphabet and its correct pronunciation.

  • Videos In This Lesson
  • Intro to ABCs
  • Learning A - Z
  • Additional Letters
  • Vowels
  • Pronouncing A - K
  • Pronouncing L - Z
  • ABCs Review


How can you count all of the Spanish words you know without knowing numbers themselves?! This lesson gives you an introduction to basic numbers.

  • Videos In This Lesson
  • Intro to Numbers
  • Learning 1 - 15
  • Learning 16 - 20
  • Counting by Tens
  • Numbers Review

Key Words & Phrases

This lesson equips you with some essential words and phrases for basic conversations and interactions.

  • Videos In This Lesson
  • Intro to Key Words & Phrases
  • "Yes," "No," "Maybe"
  • Courtesy Words
  • Breaking Down Key Words & Phrases
  • "Need to Knows"
  • Key Words & Phrases Review

Fundamental Grammar

This lesson touches on simple grammar and word combinations, which are vital when building short sentences.

  • Videos In This Lesson
  • Intro to Fundamental Grammar
  • Vocabulary for Fundamental Grammar
  • Learning the Word "The"
  • Learning the Word "A"
  • "De" Part 1
  • "De" Part 2
  • "And" & "Or"
  • Explaining Conjugations
  • Fundamental Grammar Review


Our world is a colorful place! Knowing how to say the colors in Spanish will be very useful in describing items of interest or your surroundings. Why not make your conversation more colorful?!

  • Videos In This Lesson
  • Intro to Colors
  • Vocabulary For Colors
  • Basic Colors
  • Forming Sentences With Colors
  • Colors Review

Telling Time

Put your newfound knowledge of Spanish numbers to good use by learning how to ask and tell time in this lesson!

  • Videos In This Lesson
  • Intro to Telling Time
  • What Time is It?
  • Hours - Singular vs. Multiple
  • Time of Day
  • Telling Time - Breaking It Down
  • Telling Time Review


Prepare to have your calendar translated into Spanish! In this lesson, learn the words for days of the week, months of the year, and dates on the calendar.

  • Videos In This Lesson
  • Intro to Dates
  • Days of the Week
  • Important Announcement!
  • Months of the Year
  • "Yesterday," "Today," & "Tomorrow"
  • Calendar Dates
  • Dates Review

Greeting People

"Hello" - that's a great way to start a conversation! Let's take a look at different ways to greet people in Spanish!

  • Videos In This Lesson
  • Intro to Greetings
  • The Secret Pattern to AR Verbs
  • Greeting a New Acquaintance
  • Greeting a Friend
  • Greetings Conversation
  • Breaking Down Greetings
  • Greetings Review

Family & Friends

In this lesson, we will learn how to describe our family members and friends. You will even get to practice interpreting phrases into Spanish!

  • Videos In This Lesson
  • Intro to Family & Friends
  • Immediate Family
  • Estar vs. Ser
  • Describing Family
  • Friends
  • Friends & Family Interpretation
  • Friends & Family Review

Medical & Public Servants

Coming Soon!

  • Videos In This Lesson
  • Intro to Medical Personnel & Public Servants
  • Medical Personnel
  • The Secret Pattern to ER & IR Verbs
  • Public Servants
  • Medical & Public Servants Interpretation
  • Medical & Public Servants Review

Influencial People

Coming Soon!

  • Videos In This Lesson
  • Intro to Influential People
  • Government Officials
  • Public Figures Pt. 1
  • Public Figures Pt. 2
  • Influential People Conversation
  • Influential People Review

General Jobs & Titles

Coming Soon!

  • Videos In This Lesson
  • Intro to Professions & Titles
  • General Professions
  • Job Titles
  • General Professions & Titles Conversation
  • General Professions & Titles Review

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